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feel welcome to explore these updated webpages for ‘BeaMeUp@events’ and ‘StreaMeup@events’.

These will simplify to visit the content of our several websites from the past. Don’t expect an ‘artistic tour’ as we applied ‘KISS’ * to be clear in our informative communication goals. (* Keep It Super Simple)

We take care of your needs and wishes

based upon our vision and expertise

Here you’ll find good & affordable solutions when you need one or more of the following services:

* One or multi camera recording of your project, congress, live show or any event …

* Simultaneous adding big screen(s), actually mostly ‘LED’ screens …

* Simultaneous adding ‘broadcasting’ to the world by wired or wireless webstreaming …

* Simultaneous adding your presentations: ppt’s, audiovisuals & live speeches …

* Post-production (editing) of excisting footage …

These services can be delivered inside your location or at any suitable venue. We also can deliver services from within our 2K/4K ROB Van: multi camera recording, post production, presentations,... Combined with in- or outdoor LED screen(s), there are many nice possibilities, such as broadcasted sports competitions, video-scoreboarding on live competitions, or even drive-in cinema

Please, explore these pages* and visit the links attracting your attention. Visit also specific *.pdf papers & videoclips and discover now a ‘world of good & affordable solutions and possibilities’.

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