A Belgian Affair bv’, the company behind -BeaMeUp@events’ and ‘StreaMeup@events’, delivered since 1989 tons of audiovisual services for the industrial and commercial environment. Corporate films, training videos,commercials,… were our core business for almost 30 years. We taped hundreds of camera recordings, realised lots of pre- and post-productions, and took even care of duplication for worldwide distribution. Proudly we may say that we lived best of both analogue and digital  worlds…

Since 2015 we pointed our goals more towards live events, offering our cooperation to many conferences, congresses, shows and events of all kinds. Single or Multicamera live recordings were completed with presentation techniques… Finally we experienced a remarkable growth in ledscreen support as well.

BeaMeUp@events’ stands for live recording and simultaneously upscaling the content via projection screens or more actual, LED-screens.

StreaMeUp@events’ completes this with added webstreaming facilities, broadcasting your message or event simultaneously to a worldwide audience.

Today it became clear that the technical revolutions in this domain never will stop… They invite for a continuous follow-up with ‘both eyes wide open’…

However, what never changed was our spirit, our original vision and mission: helping our clients to reach their ‘communication goals’ in the most affordable ways.

We take care of your needs and wishes

based upon our vision and knowledge

Ro de Lanoeye

Founder and Director.


+32 486 427 226